Types Of Holiday Accommodation

Whether you are looking to plan a weekend getaway or a longer holiday, there are many different types of holiday accommodation to choose from.

An Overview of Holiday Accommodation Types

This includes hotels, resorts, lodges, hostels, private rentals and more. Knowing your options allows you to find the perfect type of accommodation for your needs and budget.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular types of holiday accommodations available.

The Classic Charm Type of Hotels and Resorts

When most people think about types of holiday accommodations, they think about hotels and resorts. Hotels are ideal for short stays as they tend to have basic facilities such as in-room bathrooms, small cafes and restaurants.

Delving Deeper into Resort Holiday Accommodation Types

Larger resorts accommodation usually offer additional amenities such as spas and swimming pools. They can often be booked for longer stays and come with more luxurious finishes than hotels.

Holiday Hostels and Lodges Types

For those travelling on a shoestring budget type, hostels and lodges can be great options. Hostels typically provide very basic facilities, such as dorms with shared bathrooms, while lodges often include larger rooms with private bathrooms.

Communal Experiences in Hostels and Lodges

Both options may also come with shared common areas where guests can socialize or cook their own meals.

Private Rentals Holiday Accommodations

Private rentals such as villas, apartments or houses are another popular option for holiday accommodation. These types of accommodations allow you to enjoy extra privacy in comparison to traditional hotel rooms or dorms in hostels.

Space Considerations in Private Rentals Type

Private rentals also offer more space than typical hotel room types so they are great for families or groups travelling together that need additional room to spread out during their stay/trip.

Finding Your Perfect Holiday Accommodation Type

No matter what type of travel experience you are looking for, there is sure to be a type of holiday accommodation that will meet your needs! Hotels and resorts offer comfortable rooms with basic amenities.

The Abundance of Holiday Accommodation Choices

Hostels and lodges provide low-cost alternatives, while private rentals give guests an extra level of privacy when compared to other types of lodging options. With so many different types of holiday accommodation available, it is easy to find the perfect place for your next trip!

The Unconventional Type: Glamping and Eco-Lodges

Adding a bit of luxury to the traditional type camping experience, glamping is increasingly becoming a favourite amongst holidaymakers.

This form of holiday accommodation merges the thrill of being close to nature with the comfort of well-equipped, often luxurious tents, yurts or caravans.

While glamping, you can enjoy a unique outdoor experience without compromising on comfort.

The Rising Trend: Glamping

For the environmentally-conscious traveller, eco-lodges are an ideal choice. These types of holiday accommodations are designed with sustainability in mind, using eco-friendly practices and materials.

From solar-powered energy to organic food offerings, staying in an eco-lodge allows you to enjoy your holiday while reducing your environmental footprint.

An Eco-Friendly Holiday Accommodation Option: Eco-Lodges

Together, these alternative types of holiday accommodations can offer unique experiences that differ from traditional hotels or hostels.

Whether it’s sleeping under the stars in a glamorous tent or embracing sustainability in an eco-lodge, these options add a unique touch to any holiday.