These are Three Most Expensive Places To Hold Weddings

Married would be something that is desired by anyone. For that, many people want to be able to get married in an interesting and even the best place in the world. Also, what you need to pay attention to is that every photographer can capture all the best moments that are in your marriage. One you can count on is wedding Photography Kent Ohio.

In addition, what you need to know is that there are some places in this world that have a very expensive price to serve as a place to hold a wedding party. Some of these places are

1. Manhattan
This is the largest city in the world to be referred to for a lavish wedding ceremony. The average cost for holding a wedding here is worth 76 US $ and the party fee here is around 30 US $. With this amount of money, managed to make it as the most expensive city in the world for luxury wedding ceremonies. Meksi is expensive, but many people are having weddings here because the city has many beautiful places for weddings and wedding photos.

2. Chicago
The second place of the most expensive wedding destinations all over the world is Chicago. The estimated cost of the wedding here is around 50 US $ while the party costs about 21 US $. The price does not include the cost of musicians and floral decorations. There are many hotels and clubs here that can hold weddings. In sum, it will be 60 to 80 US $.

3. Philadelphia
The cost of the wedding ceremony here is around 44 US $ while the party fee here is about 20 US $. The price is because this place has many beautiful places and liked by many people to hold a wedding. In addition, many places to get photos that look luxurious and elegant and classy.
In the three places mentioned above, then you can get a nice and classy wedding photo because the place is beautiful and can be a beautiful photo background.