Makeup Tips For Masquerade Party

When following a mask party, your face will be masked. But that does not mean you do not makeup. You can visit our website to get karnevalové masky. Makeup is a must that must be considered very carefully, especially in terms of choosing the right color to give the impression fresh and not look heavy. Here are some things to keep in mind:


1. The face should be cleaned as clean as possible to the neck.

2. Avoid facial squeeze-push, because this will leave the former inflammation that will be difficult to cover later.

3. Choose a very soft foundation with a lighter level 1 color and polished evenly on the face, neck, and ears.

4. Then give shading on certain parts to make the face look ideal, for example, can be given shading on the jaw, cheek, right left nose and temple.

5. As for the formation of eyebrows, should also be considered more carefully, because this eyebrow will determine the character of the face. For Modern Make Up Beauty, you should avoid black eyebrow pencil.

6. In the eyelash installation, should also be more careful, because it will also determine the character of the face.