The common damages on the smartphone’s screen

If you have a problem with your smartphone screen, what to do? Does it have to take him directly to the service? Of course, you will spend enough money in order to ‘heal’ your smartphone. Meanwhile, you might also need to check out where to buy mobile phone online.

Actually, there are some problems that occur on the smartphone screen, any problem is certainly there is a solution.

At least, try some ways to tackle your smartphone screen before finally being trucked into service.

Summarize the various sources, the following tips troubleshoot the problematic smartphone screen:

1. Ghost Touching

Ghost Touching is a condition where the smartphone screen goes untouched. The cause is damage to the LCD or also excessive electrical current that runs inside your smartphone screen panel.

The beginning of the smartphone screen ‘recurrent’ could be caused by charging through a damaged charger or high voltage.

So, try not to often use a charger that is not innate for your smartphone. If you do it often, the smartphone screen will be damaged and the heaviest risk is having to replace it.

2. Dead Pixel

Dead Pixel is a screen where there are several dead pixels. So, there’s a part where your smartphone screen does not light normally, like a spot of stain or black.

If left, the Dead Pixel can spread to other parts and slowly can damage the overall smartphone screen.

If you see any signs of Dead Pixel on the smartphone screen, try fixing it using the Pixel Fixer app. The application can run a dynamic light spectrum in order to stimulate the smartphone screen to respond to all the colors displayed.

In addition to color, light design can also restore the sensitivity of the smartphone screen at the touch.

3. Scratch on the Smartphone screen

Scratch on a smartphone is a problem that is often experienced by users. Though a way to prevent scratched screen is very easy: just plug the smartphone screen with a screen protector.

If you already have this annoying thing, try removing scratches by sticking toothpaste on the screen. Oles to the scratches, let stand for a moment, then wipe with a wet microfiber cloth. Do this way at least 3 times for the scratches to disappear slowly.