Things you need to know about epoxy resin molding

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It does not matter whether you are a seasoned veteran or completely new to epoxy resin, I hope you will find important knowledge and tips in this article about epoxy resin molding.

Epoxy resin comes in two different parts and those are the resin and the hardener. When the two parts are mixed together, a certain chemical reaction occurs and changes the epoxy from liquid to a hard solid state. Generally small amounts are mixed together and usually in a specific proportion. By this it is meant that a specific amount of resin with specific amount of hardener. There is a pot time to the resin which means a period of time that the resin is still liquid enough to work with against the curing time which is the amount of time needed for the epoxy to completely harden. Each epoxy resin is different and for proper curing, the resin needs to be mixed thoroughly in the correct proportions.


When it comes to working with epoxy resin molding, there is also concern of safety. Before working,

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and go through the safety precautions mentioned on it.
  • Work in a clean, well maintained and well ventilated area.
  • Even though it depends on the materials used, remember to wear a respirator, wear gloves and proper eye protection.
  • Always follow manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning up and dispose of all waste materials by maintaining the local rules and regulations.


In the work area always remember to cover the work area with wax paper as most resins do not stick on to wax paper, this is being practiced in RRim. Prepare a leveled surface for items to dry on so that no external disturbance is affected on it. The curing has to be covered with a dome or a box so that the finish is smooth and not ruined. Now for a few tips for using paper images embedded in resin. To prevent the whole project from discoloration and keep it away from water stains, seal both of the sides and edges of the image. This is a very important step if the image is printed on an ink jet printer. You have to allow the paper and sealant to dry completely before covering the image with resin. Glue the image on to the surface to prevent floating and possible air bubbles trapped within which might show up later. You have to let the adhesive completely dry up before adding the resin. The best thing about resin is that it magnifies images and makes them clear so make sure your paper is exactly how you want it.

Some tips for pouring resin:

Apply the resin bit by bit and slowly over time. Depending on the resin, it can be poured very quickly. If you pour it from a small cup it can be easier to control. Leave a bit of resin in the bottom of the cup so that you can check if the resin is cured and not ruin your work.

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Black and White Photo Booth

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Photo booth companies today are keen on introducing new innovations and trends for their respective booths. One of these innovations can be found with how their pictures are presented. A good example of this is the black and white photo booth trend that has been growing in popularity in Melbourne, Australia, like that of AussiePhotoBooths. Let us look at the allure of black and white photo booth as well as how you can set one up for your upcoming event.

Black is a popular color of choice that helps show sophistication and style to their wearers. The same can also be said with regards to the color white which shows elegance and grace. This is the reason why you will often find both black and white dresses in worn in several parties and other related events.

Clothing however, is not the only means of getting a touch of black and white. With the help of technology, people are able to get this filter of in several cameras. Photo booths in the present also have this option available to their customers which is considered to be a very much welcomed feature. This in turn helps make their pictures feel a bit more unique and different from the rest.


Going for a black and white setting requires a few changes to the overall design of your photo booth in order for them to work. For instance, the black and white color takes advantage of a minimalist setting so make sure that you apply the same principle to your photo booth. This can be done with your backgrounds, backdrops as well as your props. Keep your background and backdrops simple and clean to avoid them from standing too much out. The same can also be said with regards to your props and you want to avoid getting overboard with your items.

With that being said, make sure to don’t skip on these items as they are considered as essential set pieces for your photo booth. Instead, go for a good measure of balance between function and design in order to make them work. You can do this by working hand in hand with your photo booth company of choice as you open up with them about your plans regarding a black and white photo booth. Their staff will be more than happy to help you achieve your ideas for your upcoming event so make sure to contact them early.

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Choosing the Ideal Dinnerware for Your Restaurant


Restaurants rely heavily on the use of dinnerware for their day to day activities. These are used to prepare and serve the food for their hungry customers. Dinnerware often represents your restaurant as a whole and as such, it is important that you make sure that each and every one of them are in good working condition. Let us look at how to choose the ideal dinnerware for your restaurant.


Consider the Theme and Setting

During the construction of your restaurant, you may already have settled for a theme that you want to achieve. It should be noted that the theme and setting of your establishment does not solely rely on its exterior but also their insides as well. Aside from decorations, consider the ideal dinnerware that is able to fit perfectly to the setting that you are going for. For instance, if you want to capture the essence of fine dining with your establishment then you may want to consider getting porcelain or china plates for your dinnerware. On the other hand, for those who are aiming for a more relaxed or casual atmosphere, getting melamine or perhaps plastic dishes fits right into the alley.


Quality and Cost


Dinnerware can be pretty expensive especially since most of these items are purchased by set. Porcelain and china dinnerware are known to be a bit expensive but they are able compensates its cost with its innate properties. These types of dinnerware are pretty durable while at the same time are offers scratch and stain resistance that you need. This in turn makes porcelain and china popular dinnerware that are being used by a huge number of restaurants in the present.

If it is not possible to get them because of your budget, there are other cheaper dinnerware alternatives that you can get for a lesser price. One of them can be found in the form of stoneware, like what offers. These types of dinnerware offer the durability restaurant owners are looking for with their plates but without the added cost. Stoneware is pretty versatile and durable although it lacks the visual presence when compared to porcelain and china.

It is important that find a good measure of balance with the ideal dinnerware that you are aiming for. Make sure to not go for too cheap that can affect their quality or too expensive to the point that you will be running out of funds especially. There are other areas that you will need to be focusing with your business so avoid overspending.

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The Top Health Benefits of Cheese


Cheese is considered to be as one of the most popular food item of choice that can be enjoyed in a variety of meals. Food selections are vast when you decide to add cheese into the mix resulting to endless possibilities. With that being said, the unique flavor they bring into the table with your dishes is not the only thing people care about. Their nutritional value of cheese is also something that makes them sought after by many. They also bring a different kind of appetite if served on a slateplate. Let us consider the top health benefits of cheese


Good Source of Calcium


Cheese provides a good source of calcium with it belonging to the family of dairy products. Because of this, moderate consumption of cheese can have beneficial effects to bone health and osteoporosis especially among elderly women. It should be noted that our bones are not the only part of the body that benefits well from calcium. Cheese is also known to provide good amount of benefits to our teeth by raising the pH in mouth which in turn lowers the risk of tooth decay. The calcium and protein content found in cheese also helps strengthen the tooth enamel which covers the outer layer of each tooth.


Good for the Heart


The properties found in cheese are also known to be good for the heart and may reduce the risk of hypertension. This is made possible by the unique combination of calcium, potassium and magnesium that are found in dairy products including cheese. The Mediterranean diet for example, allows for moderate amounts of cheese which leads to lowered risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cheese does indeed provide plenty of health benefits to those who are willing to add them to their diet. With that being said, just any type of food it is important that you practice moderation when consuming this. The reason behind this is that cheese is known to have high calorie content as well as fat. In addition, cheese is also known to contain a lot of sodium and eating a lot of it can do lead to problematic situations.

Eating too much cheese can cause more harm than good. Too much saturated fat can cause your cholesterol levels to become elevated. This increases the risk of life threatening problems such as heart attack and stroke. For that matter, if you plan to add cheese to your diet be sure to get in touch with your doctors in order to get a clear overview on how much you can consume.

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Personalized Baby Gifts Help Make Daycare a Snap

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For the modern family where often times both parents work out of the home, preparing for a child to attend daycare can be another huge stress on an already busy family. Day care centers vary in size and quality and in some cases have moderate to high child to teacher ratios. Keeping track of the child’s belongings is a struggle for not only the parents, but the care providers as well.

There are unique and practical ways that a parent can utilize for labeling the kids’ things to help ease this level of stress. Receiving these personalized gifts at a baby shower is even better because it will be one less thing the parents have to prepare in the already short 6-12 week maternity or paternity leave before travel to daycare begins.

Baby shower guests can consider giving one or a combination of these personalized baby shower gifts at the next baby shower they attend.

Pacifier Personalized Baby Gift

Not all babies take a pacifier, but those who do typically love them. Babies will rely on a trusted pacifier when they are falling asleep, when they miss a parent or even to hold them off until the next feeding. Pacifiers are also a very personal item and keeping track of whose pacifier is whose is important for baby’s health and comfort.

Many pacifiers look the same. The gift giver can order a personalized pacifier so the care provider will always know that a certain pacifier belongs to a certain child.

Baby Bottle and Sippy Personalized Baby Items

Each child will need to bring his own bottles to daycare, and even children who are breast fed typically take a bottle at child care. There are a wide range of bottles available on the market, however, the world is small and every child seems to have the same.

A great baby shower product gift is a non-adhesive rubberized name ring which fits over nearly every bottle or sippy cup which identifies the item to the child easily and quickly. Day care providers and parents will also find this item helpful when packing up for the day to ensure the child has his or her belongings for the ride home.

Personalized Baby Gift Clothing Tags

A common gift given at many baby showers is clothing. The gift giver can spice up that traditional gift by giving the work out of home family iron on clothing labels for the clothing that will travel to and from day care. Many day care facilities will request that a child be sent with more than just the clothes they arrive in. Day care can be messy and spills happen, so having a change of clothes is essential to keeping baby dry, clean and happy.

While it isn’t common or best practice, it is not altogether unusual for another child at the day care to need a change of clothes and not have one. There are times when your child’s extra clothes may end up on another child. Clothing with a clear and colorful label will help to be sure the parent receives the item back.

Other items that can be labeled with these types of patches are blankets, burp cloths, cloth diapers (non-iron on for PUL cloth diapers), loveys and diaper bags.

Providing personalized baby gift labels at a baby shower is another way to give the gift of personalization that every baby shower planner should consider. The host can give the gift herself, or provide a basket at the door. If the unborn child’s name is known ahead of time, provide a few labels in personalized baby shower invitations to ensure that each gift that the working family receives has a label. This also reduces the need for the family to apply the label themselves.

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Reality is an Illusion

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We don’t know who they are. We don’t know where the came from. All we know is that they are desperate and they have been on a run for a very long time.

They have arrived into our space almost 10 years ago. On the day my son was born.

At first we didn’t stand a chance. A millennium of peace and prosperity makes you soft. But things can change quickly.

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